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What To Expect

We understand the stress life can bring. We also understand how important it is to ensure you stay balanced so you can perform at your optimal level.  

Let us help get you back on your path to health and wellness. 

How It Works

How Neurofeedback Works

The central nervous system receives and processes information from the body and the environment.  This mechanism enables the central nervous system to process and store information as well as formulates appropriate responses – mostly without conscious awareness.

Inconsistency or abrupt change in electrical activity in the brain undermines optimal functioning.  Our neurofeedback system tracks and dances micro-second by micro-second with the brain offering it the information it needs to organize and re-organize itself.  This process happens by sending almost imperceptible pauses into the music to which one is listening.  


As this happens, the brain now has the opportunity to pull away from the less than ideal path it was on.  During this natural process of self-correction, the neurofeedback will repeat these pauses over and over until the natural self-correction becomes the new normal - and all of this requires no effort on the client’s part.  As this is achieved the brain begins to function with more flexibility and resilience.  Many complaints simply melt away.  Our clients report after training feeling calmer, clearer, happier and able to function better in their lives.

This also explains why someone may have one reason for neurofeedback training, but positive changes can show in ALL areas of their life.

How Many Sessions?

10, 20, 30+ 

Just like no one can predict or expect the same results from physical exercise on the body as someone else, the same is true with brain training.  Progress is unique for each brain as each brain is different, stress and perception of stress is different, and everyone learns at individual paces.  This is why we use forms to track progress.

An item to note, one can stop sessions at any time and always pick up neurofeedback training again later.  Just like once having mastered to ride a bicycle, one doesn’t forget how to ride - even if it has been years since the last ride.  So, no sessions are ever wasted.  

For some clients, training the brain is like training the body.  They want to function at their best throughout the day no matter what comes their way similar to an elite athlete in their sport.  One might liken it to a “quiet ready” mindset.  These clients -after their initial training is over- typically come in once per month or whenever they start to feel that they need it.

How Many

Is Neurofeedback Safe?

At Neuro-Groove we exclusively use NeurOptimal® neurofeedback systems.  With NeurOptimal® there are no known side effects with training as the brain is not pushed or encouraged to go in any specific direction.  Therefore, brain mapping is not required.  Because this type of neurofeedback is a training and not a treatment, there is no diagnosis necessary.


In 2018 the FDA deemed NeurOptimal® systems as a General Wellness Device which requires no need for a doctor or healthcare provider’s prescription or oversight.

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 12.45.13

NeurOptimal®  is a training tool and does not diagnose, treat or cure any disease, disorder or abnormal physical state nor does it restore, modify or correct the body’s structure or function.

First Session


Check In

You will be asked to fill out various forms.  One is a consent form.  The other form is a “Checklist of Concerns” form.  You will check any items that are a concern and then rate that concern on a scale from 1 to 10.  After every 5 sessions, you will be asked to fill out the “Checklist for Concerns” form again with ratings.  It is through this checklist that any changes will be tracked.


Getting Started

You will now be brought back to a quiet and relaxing training room.  Please sit in the anti-gravity chair.  At this time five EEG sensors will be placed on your scalp and ears with paste.  These EEG sensors are what read the electrical signals or brainwaves coming from your brain. Nothing goes back to your brain through these sensors!


You will now be given headphones to listen to the music during your training session.  Next, the chair will be adjusted to your comfort.  After you are comfortable, we will start the program.  You will be asked if the volume of the music needs to be turned up louder or turned down quieter for your enjoyment.  Your trainer will now adjust the light and leave the room for you to enjoy your 33 minutes of training.


During your training, you do not have to do or think of anything in particular.  Just enjoy this well-deserved time for yourself.


Also, it is okay for you to doze off or fall asleep during training.  The training is still working.


After the session

When the program is over, our staff will come back to the room, gently wake you up if necessary and remove the EEG sensors and paste from your scalp and ears.


At this time, you are finished and can schedule your next appointment. It is that easy!

First Session
Neuro Form





2 Locations to better serve our clients: 

4250 W 99th St Suite 100, Carmel, IN 46032

1201 N Post Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46219

FREE Consultation

We thank you for your interest in Neuro-Groove. 

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Please feel free to contact us directly at: 317.897.9990 or by e-mail. 


We try to respond to all requests within a 24 hour periord. For faster service please contact us directly via the information above.

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