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At Neuro-Groove we believe that there is not only one way to assist the body in optimizing itself. We wanted to create a website where someone searching for information regarding holistic modalities of therapy could do so in one place. Any information stated by Neuro-Groove or its affiliates is solely intended to support any advice that has been given to someone by their primary physician.We fully believe in and support the medical community. Please discuss with your doctor any actions you might consider taking BEFORE you incorporate or try any of these supplemental holistic modalities of therapy into your routine. Neuro-Groove is not a replacement for medical advice. The idea has always been to work hand in hand with your doctor/s - not to replace them. Please also note that holistic modalities of therapy do not work the same for everyone in the same way.  Each person’s healing process is unique to them. We wish you much success!!! Please send us your testimonials and experiences! EMAIL US